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Fargo 3D Printing is the midwest hub for everything related to 3D printing. 

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We are locally owned and operated with over 5 years and thousands of hours of 3D printing experience: we are the local experts on everything 3D printing.

Our on-site training is the most popular way to get your printer up and running properly and promptly in your office or classroom. Contact us to learn more.

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Why 3D Printing

  • 3D printing allows you, the inventors, architects, engineers, and entrepreneurs  to rapidly test ideas in days instead of months.
  • Stay competitive in your market and ahead of the other firms while lowering operating costs.
  • 3D printing lowers prototyping costs from $300 - $1,000 to $2 - $10 per part.
  • Do multiple design iterations and test different ideas without risking the company bank account while still getting a durable, professional-looking part.
  • With ABS and PLA materials, you can actually test different fits (ie. snap-fits, dove-tails, living hinges, clearance fits, etc.).

Teachers, students, and professors are capable of learning and teaching key engineering and science based topics easily by printing out learning aids.

  • Instead of simply talking about how the foot is connected to the leg, teachers can physically show it and have it fully functional model.
  • Students can print out and test their designs to see what changes they need to make to improve their design.
  • Increase the learning aspect by trial and error.
  • Gets the students actively thinking about what they’ve learned in the classroom.

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