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Don’t just guess how to install that new part on your 3D printer. Take a glance at our How-To pages and make sure all repairs and improvements are done without error.

Troubleshoot by Printer

makerbot replicator 2 3D printer optimized
MakerBot Replicator 2/2X

Install Instructions

How to Install a Blower Fan with Quick Connect
how to build plate tape
How to Install Build Plate Tape
3d printing ceramic insulation tape how to
How to Install Ceramic Insulation Tape
how to install 3d printer parts
How to Install a Heater Block Assembly
3d printer heater cartridge
How to Install a Heater Cartridge
rep 2x heater blocks
How to Install Silicone Heater Blocks on a Rep 2X
How to Install an X-Axis Belt
Install a Schark Parts™ Aluminum Y-Axis
How To Replace a MakerBot Z18 Idler Pulley
How to install Lulzbot Felt Strips
hatchbox 3d printer parts

3D Printing Guides

heat creep 3d printing
Heat Creep: What It Is and How To Solve It
drive gear clean
How To Clean Your 3D Printer's Drive Gear
How To Unclog A Nozzle
d limonene 3d printing
How To Use D-Limonene To Dissolve Supports
Polypropylene vs. PLA
How We Test 3D Printing Filament
Unclog Your MakerBot Smart Extruder

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