NatureWorks Special with Dan Sawyer – F3DPS: Ep 33

Dan Sawyer of NatureWorks LLC talks with us about all things PLA and PLA filament. We discuss NatureWorks’ Ingeo brand: what it is and how it’s made.

Dan talks about how NatureWorks considered their relationship with injection molding to be a natural bridge to the 3D printing industry. “If they’re prototyping with our material, it increases the probability that ultimately someone could injection mold with our material.” The company is still looking at how to make their PLA products even more suitable for 3D printing.

Natureworks’ PLA material and their PLA filament are compostable. Turns out this is a great solution for plastics in the food industry, but we also discuss recycling in 3D printing.

The Ingeo brand is NatureWorks’ licensed process indicating use of safe material components, good labor practices, and a calculated environmental footprint that can be benchmarked as significantly less than other plastics like ABS or polystyrene.

Shop Ingeo PLA filament at 3Dom USA or learn more on NatureWorks’ website, because like Dan says here, “You know you’re getting good quality material.”

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